Knoydart Wild Venison

About Knoydart Wild Venison

Stag in heather.

Our Story is as much about the land as it is our venison.

Like much of the Highlands during the Industrial Revolution, Knoydart went from flourishing forest to experiencing drastic deforestation. Since the clearances of the 19th Century the lack of natural predators allowed the deer population to grow and have an adverse effect on the balance of nature. In 1999, the community famously bought 17.500 acres of Knoydart and achieved agency over our land and lives. Together we are committed to restoring the natural balance to benefit the environment, the deer, the community and you.

Our Plan reduces carbon emissions, enhances biodiversity and supports our community.

We can achieve this by increasing our deer cull allowing natural forest regeneration aided by planting the right trees in the right places and allowing the restoration of natural carbon retaining peatlands. And by doing all of this, we will be preserving, developing and maintaining a smaller, sustainable, deer population. It’s a long-term investment in the future but we know it will be worth it.

Our Venison tastes amazing.

All our venison is harvested and butchered on Knoydart and is hung just long enough for perfect tenderness and flavour. It is wholesome, really tasty and never strongly gamey.  We are proud to say that it is a truly ethical meat accessible for everyone. Packaged in eco-friendly insulated boxes it comes straight from Knoydart to your door.

Our Team have wildly different jobs but one passion.

Harvested from community owned land and butchered and processed right here by local people who love and want the best for our land and our product. With best Knoydart wishes from Kristy, Jim, Lachie, Lewis, Liz, Woody, John and Danni.