Knoydart Wild Venison

Cooking Venison

Venison by the fire

Venison is a beautiful meat, lean, fine grained and full of flavour. It is also supremely versatile and can be substituted into other meat recipes.

To enjoy it at it’s best our top tip is let it rest. All cuts, from diced, to roasts, steaks and burgers will benefit from being left in a warm place for muscles to relax and the juices to return to the meat. As a general rule the thicker the piece of meat the longer it takes to cook and the longer it can benefit from resting. Cook the meat to your liking and follow our guidelines for resting times…

Steaks, medallions and burgers –  5 to 10 minutes

Sirloin roasted as a piece –  5 to 10 minutes

Rolled roast joint –  15 to 30 minutes

Butterflied roast joint –  10 to 15 minutes

Slow cooked recipes –  20 to 30 minutes

Of course it is up to your taste, but as keen cooks and lovers of venison, we recommend that any of the quick cooking cuts are best served pink. Enjoy!’

Liz and Kristy x